MADE TO: was founded by Ashton Nobler-Magdael, on the idea of providing honest and true craftsmanship in custom tailoring. With over a decade of experience in tailored clothing, Ashton has experience dressing men of different sartorial backgrounds. While curating custom wardrobes for top executives in Silicon Valley and sartorial connoisseurs, he feeds his growing passion for menswear by leading the pathway for the most novice suit buyers. MADE TO: was created to bring back the authenticity of clothing for those who value true quality while providing a convenient service at the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you prefer.

MADE TO: brings your garments to life respectfully, in a time honored tradition. We start with the best fabrics available from both Italy and England. We take our time to hear your vision, then take up to 20 different measurements  to initiate our fine tuned process. Each of our garments are carefully hand cut in our workshop then crafted by skilled and seasoned tailors. It’s easy to look good with MADE TO: because we make clothing that’s MADE TO: You.

In a world over saturated with fast consumption and poorly constructed clothing, we feel that it is our duty to preserve the art of tailoring by supporting artesian tailors based in Naples, Italy. MADE TO: garments are made to last, our clothing is made to wear better with age as it conforms to your body and natural movements with each wear. Contact us to schedule your fitting today.

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