Why Naples?

The Neapolitans claim the fit is like a ‘second skin’.

Neapolitan tailoring is softer and more of a natural fit than American tailoring. A large concentration in traditional tailoring stems from the ethic that is taught and learned in the Gulf of Naples for generations. Neapolitan tailoring represents effortless style and MADE TO: is on a mission to bring back that authenticity.

The lack of shoulder pads and additional chest padding allows for a lightweight garment that wears close to the body, giving the wearer the utmost mobility from the high cut arm-holes. 

All our jackets are lightly lined in the traditional Neapolitan way, with high cut arm-holes, wider lapels with a higher gorge, and mappina shoulders.

All our trousers feature pleated skirt waistbands, side-adjustors, and button-fly.

All our shirts feature hand sewn rotated sleeves, side gussets, crows-foot stitched buttons, and use a soft canvas in the cuffs and collar.

You do not have to travel far to experience true Neapolitan craftsmanship. Book your appointment with us today and let us change the way you dress by wearing clothing that was MADE TO: YOU